Interview with a Sex Doctor

male female symbolsDrawk Kwast and sexologist Dr. Yvonne Fulbright talk about stimulation of the G-Spot, the different types of female orgasms, and the must-have toys and enhancements for any man looking to sexually impress a woman in bed.

Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., M.S.Ed. is a sexologist, sex educator, and relationship expert. Originally from Iceland, she is the author of several books, including Sultry Sex Talk to Seduce Any Lover, Touch Me There! A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots, and The Better Sex Guide to Extraordinary Lovemaking, as well as co-author of Your Orgasmic Pregnancy: Little Sex Secrets Every Hot Mama Should Know. In her many roles, as a member of the Sinclair Advisory Council, the sex columnist for Cosmopolitan, the Relationship Ambassador for Astroglide, and a professor at both Argosy University and American University, Fulbright has been featured in hundreds of media outlets around the globe. In 2004, she founded Sexuality Source, Inc., a communications and consulting organization specializing in the topics of sex, sexual health, sensuality, and relationships. For more information on Dr. Yvonne, her projects, and services, visit

Drawk Kwast’s methods have been called unconventional, and he makes no apologies as he teaches men how to dominate the competition at work, attract the most desirable women on the planet, and ultimately achieve a fulfilling life. Forbes, USA Today, Details, Worth, and Entrepreneur have all recognized his ability to transform clients’ desires into reality through his 60-day Total Experience Immersion training program. His first book, Domination Basics: Secrets of the Alpha Male Book 1 (ISBN 1453801898), is available now wherever books are sold. Visit his website at

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