Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 Las Vegas Experience

by Drawk Kwast – July 5th, 2011

Electric Daisy CarnivalAs the smallest sliver of light begins to turn the black night’s sky navy blue, everything is perfect. In a few hours, the sun will rise, but this perfect moment will live in my memory forever. I’m in the middle of the Mojave Desert surrounded by heart-throbbing electronic music, lasers, and skydiving teams with fireworks strapped onto them. It’s so overwhelming that at times I get distracted from all of the amazing young girls, some of whom are wearing nothing more than pasties and a g-string. There are close to a quarter million people here with me. About fifty of them I knew before this event, but in this moment, we are all family sharing in one of the most unbelievable experiences this world has to offer. Being at an event like this teaches you something about life. Life is experience. When you are overwhelmed by your senses, you are truly alive in that moment. When you are with friends sharing in that moment, you are truly happy.

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The Strong Links

by Drawk Kwast – June 10th, 2011

weakest linkSociety is like a chain. Over time, society has learned that it is only as strong as its weakest links, the people. Put too much stress on the chain, the weakest links break, and society falls apart. So, the rules were created to protect the weak links and make sure that the chain doesn’t fall apart. Don’t put any more stress on the chain than the weakest links can handle. Except, what about the strong links? They have so much potential! They could do so much more, but to do that, they would have to remove themselves from society and only connect with other strong links.

So, the strong links do just that. They leave society to connect only to other strong links. Society, still only as strong as its weakest link, in reality loses nothing.

Society sits back and watches the strong links work together, accomplishing incredible things, and receiving incredible rewards for their efforts. Society becomes very angry. Society remembers a time not too long ago when the strong links helped the weak links and the rewards were split between everyone. Even though the weak links aren’t helping the strong links in their new accomplishments, they feel entitled to some of the rewards. In response to this, the strong links become angry. How could the weak links think that they deserve rewards for something they had nothing to do with?

Outnumbering the strong links, the weak links force their way into the new chain. As soon as they do, the chain, being only as strong as the weakest links, falls apart. The strong links, again unable to perform at their potential, look for another solution.

The answer was simple: Deception & Secrecy.

The strong links found a way to deceive society into thinking they were still part of the chain while they secretly grouped together to accomplish things.

You must ask yourself, are you a weak link believing what has been constructed to seem obvious or are you one of the rare strong links that should be searching for the power in the hidden truth?

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Intelligent Conversation or Having Fun

by Drawk Kwast – May 8th, 2011

Picture of a guy giving an attractive girl a piggyback ride.My client tells me that he just can’t find a woman that he’s interested in, and I know we’re in real trouble as he goes on to tell me, “I’m looking for woman that I can have an intelligent conversation with.” Over the years that I’ve coached men into awesome relationships with women, I’ve noticed a pattern with guys who make this statement. They’re all too smart for their own good, and none of them know how to have fun.

Most of these guys will either be engineers, scientists, computer programmers, or in the financial industry. When asked if they think they know how to have fun, surprisingly they will all answer yes. When I ask about the last time they had fun, the answer will be one of two things. Either it was something deeply intellectual or something they spent a crap-load of cash on.

I will then ask them the following question, my measuring stick for “do you truly know how to have fun.”

What if I dropped you into the center of Las Vegas, on a Tuesday at 2:00 pm, with only your I.D. and the cloths on your back? No cellphone, no credit cards, no cash, and no friends. What would you do? No matter what they say they would do, I know that in reality they would all find the closest pay phone to make a collect call for a “rescue.” The correct answer is have fun making new friends.

Most intelligent guys think that the average woman is of below average intelligence. The reality of the situation is that most women are so bored by these guys that they avoid talking with them. A guy will ask them something incredibly boring like, “So, what do you think about our current socio-economic condition?” The woman he’s talking to may have a Ph.D. but he’s never going to learn that because she will just smile uncomfortably as she walks away. The guy will wrongfully assume that she wasn’t smart enough to know what “socio-economic” means.

Take a look at the above picture. If I told you that the attractive girl in this picture was a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys you would probably believe me, but I’d be lying. What if I told you that she has a Ph.D. and the lucky guy she is on top of has the amazing ability to have fun?

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Male Domination for a Happy Relationship

by Drawk Kwast – April 1st, 2011

male domination teeter totterLaurie Gerber invites Drawk Kwast onto the Handel Group Radio Show (March 23, 2011) to talk about the dominant roll a man plays in a happy relationship with a woman.

Laurie Gerber is President of the Private Coaching Division of The Handel Group and also an expert life coach herself. Passionate about personal development, Laurie has been coaching individuals and groups for the past 10 years. More information on the Handel Group can be found at www.handelgroup.com.

Drawk Kwast’s methods have been called unconventional, and he makes no apologies as he teaches men how to dominate the competition at work, attract the most desirable women on the planet, and ultimately achieve a fulfilling life. Forbes, USA Today, Details, Worth, and Entrepreneur have all recognized his ability to transform clients’ desires into reality through his 60-day Total Experience Immersion training program. His first book, Domination Basics: Secrets of the Alpha Male Book 1 (ISBN 1453801898), is available now wherever books are sold. Visit his website at www.drawkkwast.com.



by Drawk Kwast – March 13th, 2011

bonobo sexA man and his young son are on vacation exploring Brazil. During their first day there, they see two monkeys in a tree and the son takes a picture. During the second day, the man inadvertently walks his son too close to a nude beach, and they see two naked people. His son takes a picture. Horrified, the man explains to his son that he has to erase the picture. The son asks why, and the father replies by saying, “Because it’s pornography, and if your mother sees that, I’ll be in a heap of trouble!”

Set your social conditioning aside for a moment and see this from the perspective of the son. When we see two monkeys in the jungle, we say, “Hey, look at the two monkeys.” Even though the monkeys are naked, we simply see it as two monkeys, because this is their natural state. However, when we see two humans in their natural state (naked), we exclaim, “Oh my, look at the two naked people!” Here is where it gets even more confusing. A picture of a naked monkey is simply a picture of a monkey, but a picture of a naked human is pornography. This doesn’t make any logical sense, unless you have forgotten the fact that both humans and monkeys are mammals, both are animals.

The human animal truly amazes me. It’s the most intelligent animal on the planet, yet somehow at the same time, its arrogance has it believing that it is not an animal. To understand what the concept of pornography actually is, all you have to understand is that the human animal is capable of an emotion known as shame. This is what sets it apart from the other animals and where the screwed up notion of pornography originated. Shame is its source.

Most women of low to average attractiveness condemn men for looking at pornography because of the shame those women feel about their own body. How could they ever compete with the centerfolds of Playboy? They hide behind their cloths and when a man eventually does see them naked, the real them, it’s a disappointment, and they know it. When you mix this with the lies of religion, that she will either use as an excuse, or as a flawed set of rules to live her life by, the problem becomes bigger and even more strange.

Let’s not forget about the men who publicly speak out against pornography. They all feel shame about their sexuality, and their leaders, the Catholic Priests, are known for forcing anal sex on underage boys. These people have sexual issues beyond even my comprehension.

So where does this leave you? Well if you can see the concept of pornography as a completely flawed human construct, and ignore the crazy low self-esteem people campaigning to make you feel the shame they do, you’re off to a good start. Next realize that just like with all the other animals on the planet, sex is one of the most natural processes in existence. Without it, every animal, including humans, would become extinct. It doesn’t get any more natural than the survival of every species of animal on the planet, and that’s something you have to feel good about. Next, go to the gym, eat better, and start dating only the most attractive women. My experience has been that the hotter a woman is, the more she likes porn, and the greater the chances are that she will pull another girl into your bed with you… and let you take pictures.

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Make Reality Your Bitch

by Drawk Kwast – February 5th, 2011

global dominationMy philosophy is simple, make reality your bitch. I’ve heard it said that life is what happens to you while you’re waiting for your plans to work out. What a waste of a life to spend it waiting for things to work out. I would much rather spend my time making reality my bitch.

Religious people suffer from an overdose of delusional positive thinking and a lack of action. They’re sure everything is just going to somehow work out for them. Positive thinking is not about believing that situations will magically workout for you. Positive thinking is about knowing that everything is going to fly off the rails at some point and having an unshakable faith in yourself that – no matter what – you will be able to take action, get things back under control, and get moving in the right direction again.

As an atheist, I have faith in myself the same way religious people have faith in a god. Gaining that faith is a process. People who live a life constantly going after what they want have practiced dealing with every shape and size of obstacle that could stand in their way. As they practice getting around today’s roadblocks, they insure that getting around tomorrow’s roadblocks will be easier.

If you want something, you’re going to have to go for it because nothing in this world with any value will ever be simply given to you. As the Chinese say, “Man sit with mouth open long time before roast duck fly in.” You’re going to have to jump into the situations you want in life with both feet. Then just relax, because you’re not in control, you are learning how to be in control. Keep it up and one day reality will be your bitch.

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Why Men Prefer Sexy Dumb Girls

by Drawk Kwast – November 7th, 2010

Sexy Dumb GirlI was walking down Las Vegas Boulevard last night when I overheard two fat girls complaining that “… guys only go for dumb girls,” and they followed that statement with the question, “Wouldn’t a guy want to be with a girl he can have an intelligent conversation with?” Conversations like this drive me nuts, so it’s time to ignore the politically correct approach and set the record strait.

Guys want hot girls. It’s as simple as that. Any guy with any amount of self-respect wants to be with an attractive woman; and when I say attractive, I am talking about what she looks like. Guys don’t notice intelligence from 35 feet away, but they do notice a great rack and a tight ass. That’s what gets our attention.

When guys are out on the Las Vegas Strip, given the choice between an intelligent fat girl and a dumb hot girl, we will pick the dumb hot girl every time. In fact, we won’t even get close enough to the fat girl to notice how “intelligent” she is. Don’t get me wrong, intelligence has its place. Given the choice between a dumb hot girl and an intelligent hot girl, the girl with the 180 IQ will win my affections, no doubt. We prefer intelligence, but we crave sex. In our list of priorities, we have to actually want to have sex with you before we even consider your intelligence.

Amazingly enough, “intelligent” fat girls don’t seem to be able to figure out the most crucial part of this equation, no matter how smart they think they are. If the intelligent fat girls were so smart, they would get on a treadmill at the gym, stop shoveling McDonalds into their pie holes, and get skinny! Now, before you call me a male chauvinist pig, understand that I’m also talking about the health issues related to being more than 20 pounds over-weight. It just so happens that when a woman is in great physical shape, (skinny and healthy) guys are more attracted to her. It’s just that simple. We find women who lack the intelligence to balance their caloric intake, and the self-discipline to exercise correctly, to be very unattractive. Looks are not just a vanity issue; they are an indicator of self awareness, discipline, and intelligence. A fat girl’s appearance on the outside is a direct reflection of her problems on the inside.

So here is my challenge to all the “intelligent” fat girls out there… you’re smart, figure out how to get skinny. Show us through your looks that you are worthy of approach. Once you’re less than 125 pounds (unless you’re a giraffe), make a comment on this blog, and tell me if men seem more interested in having intelligent conversations with you.

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Spend Less and Get Laid More

by Drawk Kwast – September 29th, 2010

blingWhat if there was something you could do right now, that took zero effort, didn’t cost anything, and was guaranteed to get you laid more?


FACT #1) We are living in a bad economy where most guys are making less money, but still trying to pay for the same lifestyle they had years ago in the good economy.

FACT #2) This is causing those guys an incredible amount of stress.

FACT #3) Women don’t care about “stuff.” Women care about how they “feel” around you.

Connect the dots here and you discover an amazing thing. Spend less money, learn to live easily within your current financial means, lower your stress level, and you will find women to be much more responsive to your advances. When a guy under stress approaches a woman, she feels that stress and doesn’t want to be around it. When over 95% of the men around her are wound-tight with negative energy, they become even more responsive to the men who are care free.

Let go of your ego. Let go of that stuff you can’t afford anymore. Start paying off your credit cards and building your savings account back up. Lower your stress, breath easy, and sleep better. Then start talking to all the women around you. Be amazed at how much easier it is to get a date when you’re the only guy in the room smiling. Meet her at a Starbucks for some stimulating conversation (and where the total cost of the date will be under $10.00).

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Estrogen – The Attack On Manhood

by Drawk Kwast – September 4th, 2010

estrogen moleculePlastic is making androgynous pedophiles of us all. Put down the water bottle and listen up. The research is incredible. Most girls hit puberty now at age nine (you’re pretending not to notice, but I know you’ve noticed). If you take a look around on the Internet, lots of people are talking about why girls are becoming women so young, but the really disturbing news that no one seems to be talking about is how some of the same factors are turning boys into “little girls.”

Let’s start at the beginning, with why girls are hitting puberty so young. There are three major contributors to this. The first is childhood obesity, which America really excels at these days. Fat female children have an increased ability to convert hormones into estrogen. Nature has programmed a preference for a certain amount of body fat before female puberty. This is due to the extra fat needed to survive pregnancy, which also explains evolutionarily why women tend to carry a higher “healthy” body fat percentage than men. Give the female body more fat, at a younger age, and puberty happens sooner.

The second factor is what the US Food and Drug Administration allows to be added to our food. Two of the allowed hormones are progesterone and estradiol (which sounds very close to estrogen for a good reason). Both of these are natural female sex hormones. Pumping female hormones into food equals more female hormones in the bodies of young girls, resulting in puberty faster.

The third reason you’re feeling guilty for lusting after underage girls is plastic. Most plastic bags come with a “danger of suffocation warning” on them somewhere. The warning that needs to be added is the danger of estrogen-mimicking chemicals that easily leach out, and contaminate everything they touch. These chemicals are Bisphenol A (BPA), Phthalates, and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA). Think about all those food and beverage containers and you understand how everyone is receiving a constant trickle of estrogen-mimicking chemicals. And you thought you were just drinking water.

I hate it when I have to agree with the tree-huggers, who have been claiming for years that we’re poisoning ourselves, but the reality is that we are poisoning ourselves. Young girls are getting an overdose of estrogen, but this is only the beginning of the story. Everyone is concerned about young girls, but no one seems to care that boys are getting that same overdose of estrogen. If too much estrogen is bad in girls, what do you think this is doing to boys?

When I look at the average boy these days, I cannot believe what I see. Most don’t even look like boys anymore. They are being pumped full of estrogen and pulled away from physical activities like sports. Physical Education in our schools is a total joke these days. Physical activity promotes the production of testosterone. Boys need testosterone to become men. A man with high estrogen and low testosterone is not a man. A fat 12-year-old boy with bitch tits is not on the path to healthy manhood.

So what can men like you and me do to prevent this in ourselves? One option is to start grocery shopping like a hippy and use glass containers rather than plastic. Another option is blocking estrogen. Ask the alpha male at your local gym, and you’ll find that he’s on some kind of anti-estrogen product. Estrogen blockers work by binding to the estrogen receptors in the body, preventing estrogen from binding to these sites, literally blocking the estrogen. The newer and more advanced anti-estrogen products are called “aromatase inhibitors” and they work by inhibiting the formation of estrogen in the body.

One final word of advice – stop eating soy! Soy is loaded with estrogen. I realize this ruins the idea of dipping your sushi in soy sauce (unless you happen to be on an anti-estrogen), but there’s a reason why only women and gay men eat tofu.

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Exercise vs. Prozac – A Battle for Survival

by Drawk Kwast – July 30th, 2010

Exercise vs. ProzacA guy who is 100 pounds overweight, with no friends, girlfriend, or job, who sits at home playing video games is supposed to be depressed. That’s the way nature has evolved us. In the game of survival of the fittest, it feels good to be the alpha male and it feels bad not to be. If it wasn’t that way, what reason would a guy have to go out and succeed? Failure is supposed to hurt, so we avoid it. Success is supposed to feel good, so we seek it. If a person can sit at home, loaded on Prozac, completely happy with their worthless life, what reason do they have to better themselves? None. This is a huge problem, not only for them, but for the society they should be contributing to.

Consider this. One hundred years ago, antidepressants didn’t exist, and natural selection was still functioning relatively well. Girls who were extremely emotionally unbalanced had a difficult time finding a man willing to marry them and have kids. In other words, through natural selection, the girls with the most problems had the least kids. This is a good thing because our species got stronger as the weakness was bred out. In the 1950′s when the first antidepressant Iproniazid hit the public, everything changed. It didn’t take long before every housewife in America was loaded on happy pills. Shortly following the women, guys started taking them also. Today we are literally breeding weakness into our species by sweeping it under the rug with drugs. The emotionally unfit can simply cover up the symptoms, mate just as easily as the fit, and have lots of children. The result is a greater percentage of the population with the very same problem these drugs were created to combat, and it will get worse generation after generation.

Am I saying that depressed people need to be weeded out of society? Not exactly. What I’m saying is that antidepressants need to be prescribed only when every other option has been exhausted. Rather than allowing pharmaceutical companies to spend billions of dollars on advertisements asking the public if they ever feel “down” (which is everyone) and paying doctors every time they give out Prozac like it’s candy, we need to prescribe exercise.

A study conducted at Duke University in the late 1990′s divided depressed patients into three treatment groups. The first group was treated with exercise only. The second group was treated with exercise and antidepressant medication. The third group was treated with antidepressant medication only. At six weeks the drug only group was doing only slightly better than the other two groups. After 10 months however, the exercise only group was doing the best. Yes, even better than the exercise and drug group. Like I said, for the vast majority of people suffering from depression, antidepressant drugs hurt them.

The bottom line is that studies show 30 minutes of high intensity aerobic exercise 3 to 5 times a week will cut depressive symptoms by over 50%. That is very impressive when you consider that exercise is free and has a plethora of other health benefits. This is why in some countries like the UK, antidepressants are not used as the first line of therapy for mild to moderate depression. Doctors there write out a prescription to see an exercise counselor instead.

Besides regulating the happy chemicals in your brain, serotonin and norepinephrine, after about two weeks exercise turns on genes that increase galanin, a neurotransmitter that lowers your body’s stress response. Testosterone also increases naturally, and the more of that a guy has in his system, the less of a chance you will find him in the corner of a dark room crying like a little girl. And let’s not forget those endorphins. I love endorphins, they are the number one reason I go to the gym. I do between one and two hours of weights, followed by one hour of cardio that holds my heart rate at 80% to 90% of my maximum heart rate. By the time I leave the gym, I’m feeling nothing short of euphoria.

We live in a world where everyone wants a pill to make them look good and feel good. The truth is our bodies evolved over thousands of years to do one hour of strenuous exercise a day which gives you all that. Healthy, happy, and sane is paid for in the gym with sweat, end of story.

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