Total Experience Immersion

Total Experience Immersion LogoYou’ve felt this before… An increased heart rate making you so alert and aware that you feel every detail as the electricity builds in your veins. The power saturates. You feel a part of yourself take control with a reassurance that causes everything to flow with ease. This is the feeling of living at your full potential and there are men who feel this all of the time. For them, the mind and body are meticulously tuned machines enabling them to shape reality with willpower and action. While those around them sleepwalk through life paralyzed by fear and complacency, they are fully conscious and able to see the solutions and opportunities invisible to everyone else. Believe that you have more of this power hiding inside of you than you realize. Know that this program will show you how to unlock and control it.

Total Experience Immersion uses the most scientifically advanced medical techniques available to first optimize the performance of the brain and body, followed by shaping the system through experience, literally evolving it into its full potential. It is the journey to become superhuman, and an education available nowhere else.

Preprogram and Application Process

The preprogram and application process consists of five phases: a background check, the Alpha Aptitude Assessment, chiropractic x-rays, hormone optimization, and cognitive optimization. Great care is taken to allow entrance to the type of men the program was designed for, and to get those men into optimum shape before entering the program. All client information is held in the strictest confidentiality and is only available to Drawk Kwast, the medical doctors, the psychologist, and the support staff assigned to you. Optionally, clients can elect to withhold all information from their insurance provider, completely sealing all records.

First, a background check is done. Applicants must be free of felony convictions and any pattern of criminal behavior. They must also show a history of financial responsibility.

Next is the Alpha Aptitude Assessment. This maps the applicant’s cognitive processes and evaluates how he perceives, processes, and utilizes information. Testing includes use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment and other proprietary tests used exclusively for this program. This assessment procedure ensures that the training program’s structure is compatible with how you learn.

The third phase is chiropractic x-rays. These are evaluated to ensure a properly functioning central nervous system. Most people only think of chiropractors in relation to relieving back pain. Our goal is to identify and treat any misalignment of the spine disrupting the brain’s connectivity to the body, which hinders its ability to manage the body. As an example, a person with a compression of the T6 vertebrae can suffer from stomach problems. A person with a compression of the T11 vertebrae can suffer from skin conditions such as acne. An aligned spine enables the brain to properly communicate with and regulate the body. These x-rays can be taken at your local chiropractor’s office and are covered by the majority of health insurance companies. You can use these procedure codes to find out what will be covered by your insurance provider.

The fourth phase is hormone optimization. A blood test is performed to check testosterone and estrogen levels. The goal of hormone optimization is to ensure higher yet safe testosterone levels and limit estrogen levels. Higher testosterone levels bring out masculine physical and psychological traits while limiting estrogen levels prevent unwanted female physical and psychological traits. The benefits of hormone optimization include more energy, a better sense of well being, improved sexual drive and performance, greater muscle mass and strength, lower body fat, a strengthened immune system, and a feeling of increased motivation for accomplishment and success. The blood test can be done at your local medical facility. If needed, hormone replacement therapy is covered by the majority of health insurance companies. You can use these procedure codes to find out what will be covered by your insurance provider.

The final phase consists of qEEG and SPECT brain scans followed by cognitive optimization. The science is complex but the concept is simple: Optimize your brain and you optimize your life. The qEEG scan measures electrical activity while the SPECT scans measure blood flow. This mapping of your brain makes it possible to enhance its function. The result is an enhancement of every aspect of your life including your job, your relationships, your energy level, your emotional well being, your physical health, and even your appearance. You have the option of doing the scans at one of the six medical facilities located throughout the US. When ordered properly, these brain scans are covered by the majority of health insurance companies. You can use these procedure codes to find out what will be covered by your insurance provider.

Once your preprogram fee has been received, you will be contacted by the intake coordinator assigned to guide you through the preprogram & application process. Your application for Total Experience Immersion will be considered after the successful completion of the preprogram process. If you’re curious to learn more about the preprogram process, you may be interested in listening to this podcast.

Program Details

From the moment you are accepted into the program, Drawk Kwast is directly available to assist you. He has built his reputation by ensuring that you get the support you need to reach the goals you desire. His unique instruction methods use a combination of evolutionary psychology, cognitive restructuring, exposure therapy, and subconscious learning techniques to guide you through a series of life-changing experiences.

Evolutionary psychology involves the examination of psychological traits such as memory, perception of reality, language, and social dynamics, from an evolutionary perspective. This understanding will enable you to see the world in a new light.

Cognitive restructuring involves the dismantling of unrealistic beliefs that are directly responsible for generating dysfunctional emotions and their resulting behaviors such as stress, depression, anxiety, and social awkwardness. You will flush away these emotions and their effects by dismantling the beliefs that give them life.

Exposure therapy involves experiencing your feared social and situational contexts, without any actual danger, to allow you to confront your fears and discontinue your escape response. This behavioral process is also known as Pavlovian Extinction.

Subconscious learning is facilitated through the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This set of techniques will alter your limiting patterns of thought, behavior, and language at the subconscious level. The process literally rewires your brain to enable lasting changes.

Program Structure

This 60 day program is offered in Las Vegas, Nevada and is comprised of the following schedule (alternative training locations can be made available at an additional expense):

Day 1 – Thursday at Training Location:
        5:30 PM to   6:00 PM     Registration
        6:00 PM to   6:30 PM     Foundation
        6:30 PM to   7:00 PM     Nature of Learning
        7:15 PM to   8:00 PM     The Balanced and Ever-Changing System
        8:15 PM to   9:00 PM     Evolution, Genetics, and the Meaning of Life
        9:15 PM to 10:00 PM     Working with the Nature of Reality

Day 2 – Friday at Training Location:
        9:00 AM to 12:30 PM     The Science of Charisma
        1:30 PM to   6:00 PM     The Art of Charisma
        8:00 PM to 12:00 AM     Live In-Field Work

Day 3 – Saturday at Training Location:
        9:00 AM to 10:00 AM     Debriefing
      10:00 AM to 12:00 PM     Persuasion and Integrity
        1:00 PM to   5:00 PM     Connection, Rapport, and Trust
        7:00 PM to   1:00 AM     Live In-Field Work
        1:00 AM to   2:00 AM     Debriefing

Day 4 – Sunday at Training Location:
      12:00 PM to   2:00 PM     Self-Image Projection
        2:30 PM to   5:30 PM     Relationships
        5:30 PM to   6:00 PM     Field Assignments Given

Day 9 – Friday at Each Student’s Home Location:
        8:00 PM to 12:30 AM     Solo Live In-Field Work
        1:00 AM to   1:50 AM     Debriefing via Conference Call
        1:50 AM to   2:00 AM     Field Assignments Given

Day 17 – Saturday at Training Location:
      10:00 AM to 12:30 PM     Understanding the Emotional Barrier
        2:00 PM to   4:00 PM     Breaking Beyond Limitation
        By Appointment             Positively Unstoppable
        9:00 PM to   1:30 AM     Live In-Field Work
        1:30 AM to   2:30 AM     Debriefing

Day 18 – Sunday at Training Location:
        1:00 PM to   5:00 PM     The Mind-Body Connection
        5:30 PM to   6:00 PM     Field Assignments Given

Day 31 – Saturday at Each Student’s Home Location:
        By Appointment             Coaching via Conference Call
        By Appointment             Field Assignments Given

Day 45 – Saturday at Training Location:
      10:00 AM to 12:30 PM     Harnessing the Primal Alpha
        1:30 PM to   5:30 PM     Business Structuring for Entrepreneurs
        7:30 PM to 12:30 AM     Live In-Field Work

Day 46 – Sunday at Training Location:
      10:00 AM to   1:00 PM     Final Exam
        By Appointment             Field Assignments Given

Day 58 – Friday at Each Student’s Home Location:
        6:00 PM to   7:30 PM     Introduction to Resources for Graduates

Day 60 – Sunday at Each Student’s Home Location:
        1:00 PM to   2:30 PM     Closing Conference Call


Investing in yourself through Total Experience Immersion is similar to investing in tuition at an Ivy League university. It’s important to understand that money purchases the instruction, while the results are earned through dedication, hard work, and facing your fears. Like investing in a gym membership, it’s the effort put into it over time that builds the results. That being understood, the results produced through this program are unmatched and available nowhere else. You will experience an ever-growing achievement of power, confidence, and value far in excess of what you thought possible. In the end, Drawk Kwast provides his clients with what they truly seek – life beyond their self-perceived limits.

Graduation and Membership to the Inner Circle

Graduation from Total Experience Immersion opens the doors to Drawk’s close inner circle. You will build both personal and business relationships with other graduates as you gain access to Drawk’s arsenal of tools and resources. The synergy created through this brotherhood becomes the cornerstone of financial success and social enjoyment.

Are You Ready?

Deciding if you are ready for Total Experience Immersion is a little like deciding if you are ready to jump out of an airplane for the first time. That being said, over the years of offering this program, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider carefully:

  • Are you already applying the information from Drawk’s books to your daily life? Those who want to run must first learn how to walk.
  • Are you ready to invest the effort in yourself? The distance between you and your goals can only be bridged by your own willpower.
  • Are you ready to invest the time in yourself? Beyond the scheduled training dates, you will have assignments to complete, workouts at your local gym, and new social commitments.
  • Are you easily able to invest financially in yourself right now? This program isn’t cheap. It wasn’t designed to be cheap: it was designed to provide life-changing results far in excess of client expectations, and that doesn’t come cheap. While it is true that graduates of this program will recoup the investment in themselves many times over, please carefully consider if you can comfortably afford the program price, medical fees, travel costs, and hotel accommodations.

For the truly ready, the evolution to your full potential begins now.

Preprogram and Application Fee Payable Now $1,000.00
Remaining Balance Due Upon Application Approval $9,000.00

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, PayPalApply Now

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, PayPal

PLEASE NOTE: All applicants must be at least twenty-one years of age and speak English fluently. Time required to complete field assignments and gym workouts is not factored into the above schedule and will require additional time. Medical fees (including health supplements and prescriptions) not covered by the student’s health insurance, travel, meals, accommodations, and venue entrance fees are not included in the price and are the responsibility of the student. The preprogram, application, and program fees are non-refundable. Failure of the student to follow instructions may result in immediate dismissal without refund. Total program price is $10,000.00 in U.S. funds. Individual results may vary. Class sizes not to exceed five students.